Our Story


Since his birth in Seattle, coffee was like mother’s milk to Todd. When his family moved to Hawai’i, as a child, he picked coffee beans on the plantations- sucking the cherries as he earned $20 for a 5 gallon bucketful. Heather’s childhood was much less exotic, sneaking into their Arkansas kitchen to finish her father’s lukewarm mug of Folgers, left behind every morning.

Heather and Todd married, got their first dog together, and made a home in Arkansas. Deciding there had to be a better cup of coffee than what they were able to find, they purchased their first roaster, a lovely little HotTop (Heather calls her Kelly), and ingested everything they could find about coffee roasting. About this time they added another member to the family that fully lived up to his nickname. He was a serious ‘no, no, bad dog!’ So they decided to call themselves Bad Dog Beanery, and happily roasted for themselves and a few others. Later they added a steady little Behmor (named Arthur, after their neighbor) and roasted delicious beans for family and friends for many more years to come.

After 10 years of roasting, Todd and Heather realized they were pretty good at it, and thought it time to make a go of it as a business. So in 2016, they bought a Mill City Roaster, trained with some pretty brilliant guys, named the newest roaster Ramona, and set up shop. Now the Beanery is hard at work (can we really call it work?) roasting each bean to its full potential, and trying to convince Todd to adopt every dog in the world.