Our Roasting Philosophy

Most of the coffee that is drunk in the world is of the species Arabica (many good espressos include Robusta as well.) Each different variety and cultivar within that species has flavor characteristics that are specific to them. In addition to those shared traits, there are other traits that can be emphasized, elongated, minimized, or accented by the roast itself. We believe in roasting every bean to its peak potential. Some coffees are not at their best when they are roasted too lightly or too darkly without attention to developing the entire bean.

We strive to match each coffee lover with the coffee that best matches their taste preferences. Let us know what you love and we will help you find the perfect roast for you. 

Sourcing Philosophy

We use Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forrest Alliance, Shade Grown, Smithsonian Bird Friendly, and UTZ coffees as much as we can for all of our coffees. That being said, sometimes “Fair Trade” is not all that fair. We look for green coffees that are purchased with social, economic, and agricultural responsibility, sourcing our coffee either directly or through trusted individuals and companies.